Wealdstone Youth Workshop

Wealdstone Youth Workshop was a design project by in collaboration with the youth of Wealdstone, north-west London, to design and make furniture for use across their community.

Spacemakers brought together a group of local 17 and 18 year olds – Esther, Marius, Tanya, Leo, Katy, Danica, Kayleigh and Marina – and commissioned multi-disciplinary designers Silo Studio to work with them, to research, design and produce the furniture over a period of six months.

The Wealdstone Leg is the result – a new, strange, wonderful furniture component, which forms the basis of a range of stools, benches and chairs for use in the new square. The Wealdstone Leg is also available for you to buy and use as you wish: as a leg, an arm, a bracket, a thing. All proceeds go back into the project, with the youth each receiving a % royalty on each sale (along with a small stipend of £500 for taking part). See the project website here.

Wealdstone Youth Workshop was a Spacemakers project. Concept by me, project design and direction by Matt Weston. Product design by Silo and the youth. Graphic design and art direction by Europa. Photography by Thomas Adank.