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Sheffield Publicity Department.

Wilkommen! Bienvenue!

The Sheffield Publicity Department was an imaginary tourist board for the city. We aimed to celebrate the things that made Sheffield so special, by producing official/unofficial products to help people experience these things for themselves.

Over three years, we produced maps to the best views, DIY tree-rubbing posters, guidebooks to the city’s music, and a fully functioning dream tourist information kiosk, in a shipping container outside the station.

The name of the project was taken from the original Sheffield Publicity Department, the actual tourist board of the city in the 1970s, who produced the iconic ‘City On The Move’ film, featured at the start of the Full Monty. We stole their logo, along with their utopian 70s vibe.

The project really stood on the design talents of the other half of the SPD, Jon Cannon. You can find him here.